Eversendai Corporation Sdn Bhd

Malaysian Ernst & Young

Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2008
Master Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2008

"When he lost of 1st Petronas Twin Tower pr
oject, he talk at himself why missed it and he coming back for successful 2nd Petronas Twin Tower project."

Petronas Towers project, the tallest twin tower in the world. Eversendai was involved in the fabrication and erection of the steel structures for Tower 2. The Petronas Towers measure 452 meters high and has 88 floors comprising 8000 tons steel. The columns up to the 83rd floor are in concrete. From the 88th floor, the inclined columns are made up of steel. The steel frame work above the 84th floor provides the support for the 65-meter high pinnacle. The floor beams at all levels are in steel connected to the steel embedded plates in the core wall and concrete columns.

Eversendai Corporation Sdn Bhd, founded by Dato’ Nathan in 1984 is a reputable player in the fabrication, design and erection of steel structures, having been involved in the construction of such iconic landmarks as the Petronas Twin Towers, the Burj al-Arab hotel in Dubai and the Burj Dubai – currently the world’s tallest building. In all, the company has completed over 100 projects in Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

Having to curtail his pre-university course due to financial difficulties, he started work as a printing machine operator and subsequently as an insurance agent. With no formal education in engineering, Dato’ Nathan has grown Eversendai to where it is today, with sheer hard work and perseverance. His first foray into the construction sector was accidental, when he was given the opportunity to work on the Dayabumi project where he learnt Japanese project management techniques on the job.

Dato’ Nathan has steered Eversendai into one of the largest steel contractors in the Middle East with fabrication plants in Dubai, Sharjah and Qatar. In 2005, Eversendai was awarded the “International Achievement Award” by the Construction Industry Board, Malaysia.


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